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4 Jump starter set
Colour chart
4 Jump starter set
Colour chart
A perfect starter set, with good variety including fillers and a plank.
4 Jump starter set


4prs 1.7m Sloping club wings track fitted, 1 of 3m Club plank, 1pr 60cm board fillers, 5 of 3m Triple hoop poles, 4prs Vario cups.
You may want to order additional cups to use as uprights rather than cross poles.

Colours and Patterns
All colours and patterns will be co-ordinating, if you prefer to select your own we will contact you to discuss this.
The plank and fillers include a pattern on one side, to make your set even more versatile you can select to have a pattern on both sides, this will be a different design but in the same colours.

All sets use our 100mm diameter pressure treated poles.
Wings have detachable pressure treated feet.

Item Specifications

Choose your option: Patterns one side, Patterns both sides