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Colour chart
Colour chart
Our Alphabet fillers are so exciting and perfect for Initials or to spell out whole words or names.
They look great with Sloping wings but make a real statement with our Alphabet wings too.

Perfect for Home, Clubs, Equestrian Centres or for Sponsorship.
These are true 3D fillers, clad both side in marine grade plywood, full braced internally all the way round for strength, giving a letter thickness of approx. 65mm.

55cm high x  50cm wide.

How Many?
Up to 4 under a 2.4m pole
Up to 5 under a 3m
Up to 6 under a 3.6m pole

Wider than standard wings at 80cm.
Additional visible bracing maybe required for some letters to maintain strength and stability.

Colours and Design

The frame is painted white for most colours, with the exception of pale pink, pale green & white where the frame is painted black - this can be altered on request.
Letter style is based on Arial Bold font. Most other fonts can be used, additional costs will apply.