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FEI vario cups
All cups are sold in pairs.Each cup has a round side and then flip over for a flat side.
The FEI Safety cups are now available in black only making them easy to identify. They have a break away adapter (included) this is designed to break away in a downward collision with the pole, these are mandatory for centre and back poles on spread jumps for all BSJA affiliated competitions, Pony Club and increasingly advisable for Livery yards and Riding centres where it can reduce your insurance premiums.
The FEI vario cups are white and do not have a break away adapter, these are used for upright fences and the front poles on spread jumps.
Both fit into FEI keyhole tracking, this is fitted as standard to all our BSJA wings but can be retro fitted to your wings if you have a timber
thickness of 57mm.

Item Specifications

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