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Premium bridge
Premium Bridge
Premium bridge
Premium Bridge

The Premium Bridge is made with heavier and thicker treads than our standard Bridge and comes complete with 115cm high "hand rails" on both sides to and an extra element of difficulty. Hand rails are easily removable for transport or just to get your horse used to walking over the bridge itself.
Made from 100mm x 100mm supports, 90mm x 38mm braces and 140mm x 47mm boards all pressure treated and stained black, then top coated with anti slip paint shown right.
The optional 30cm x 2.4m water tray adds extra spook factor.
We recommend using 4 anchors per section to secure our bridges into place if possible and especially on uneven ground. Not included
Flags not included.

1 Footbridge.
The 2.4m is 1 single section
The 4.8m comes in two sections. this is the Bridge shown in the above photos.

To show the obedience and willingness.
The rider must lead without the reins becoming taut or if ridden must ride with forwardness and appropriate aids.
Avoid refusals, stepping backwards, stepping off the bridge, breaking out of walk or jumping on or off the bridge.

Item Specifications

Choose your option: Bridge 2.4m with hand rails, Bridge 4.8m with hand rails