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 Delivery Terms & Social Distancing2m apart

To ensure that we can all stay safe and keep our customers safe during this period, we have put in place some Covid safety delivery guidelines. We may make amends to these so please ensure you re visit this page just before your delivery is due.
Our vehicles are equipped with gloves, sanitisers and masks and our drivers are briefed on our new delivery procedures.
Please do not offer our drivers refreshments. They are all so polite and may find declining difficult.

Deliveries made by carrier

This will be all Dressage, Mounted Games, Plastic Showjumps and some smaller orders of Showjumps, Working Hunter & sundries.

You will not be asked to sign for any deliveries made during this time. Please could you let us know of a safe place to leave your items is you are self isolating or not available. 
 If you are unsure whether your delivery is going to be made by carrier or our own drivers please contact us.

Deliveries made using our own drivers and vehicles

This is applies mostly to Cross country fences, medium to large Showjump / Working Hunter orders or to deliveries for any jump order within 120 miles, again please contact us if you are unsure if this applies to you.
We are going to have to be really strict on the terms of the delivery, because of the nature of the products deliveries will need to be arranged and coordinated carefully to ensure safety to our staff and our customers all in accordance with social distancing measures set out by the government but also considering Health and safety guidance regards moving and unloading.
We will be looking at each individual order and seeing what we will need and discussing with customers accordingly, as a guide please refer to the points below:

Cross Country fences & Trec or Working Equitation Bridges
Small fences under 60cm can be manhandled off the vehicle by our driver alone (with a few exceptions).
Skinny fences under 2.4m long and over 60cm high are too short to be able to carry with another and still socially distance and too heavy to move alone so will need either machinery 
(Forks, Manitou, Tractor with bucket & straps are all good)to help unload or several strong people available from the same household to unload, if the later our driver will not be able to assist.

Fences 2.4m and over will vary, smaller or lighter designs which can be moved by 2 people with 1 at each end, are safe to do so and our driver can help. Larger or heavier designs may need a person at each corner which of course makes social distancing impossible so again we will need either machinery available (Forks, Manitou, Tractor with bucket & straps are all good) to unload or several strong people available from the same household to unload, if the later our driver will not be able to assist.

We cannot guarantee a fixed time and so all the above measures should be available for the entire delivery day. We cannot call on route as stopping with our vehicle to make a call is not always possible. We will of course try our best to meet estimated delivery times.
However should we arrive on an agreed day and not be able to unload because of any of the above are not available our driver has authority to return with the jumps and a second attempt at delivery will be booked in and charged for. We want to work together to make sure everyone is safe.

Showjumps & Working Hunter
As these are generally made up of smaller components, they do not pose the same problems as Cross country fences (with a few exceptions such as Walls & some heavier WH fillers). Our driver should be able to unload most items on his own, he will not be able to carry them to a different location though, even a short distance and so delivery will be made to exactly where the vehicle can park. With larger orders especially, your help to unload would greatly be appreciated, however we would ask you not to help untie straps or open the side of the vehicle and we just ask that you maintain the 2m social distancing and work alternatively with our driver on either side to unload.


Some pre arranged collections may be possible. You will be asked to be able to load and secure on your own often out of work hours or if your item is large or heavy such as Cross country fences or Bridges your vehicle must be suitable so we can side load with a fork lift (A flat bed trailer or drop side truck for example).

Thankyou to all our customers during this challenging time and I am sure all of the above will soon become second nature to us.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries.