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BSJA specification wall, shown with castle pillars

Premium Walls

  • £594.00

Heights available from 80cm to 135cm

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Our Premium walls are to BSJA specification being made from 18mm marine plywood for heavy duty sections.Wall with pastel bricks
As with all our walls the base and large sections are braced internally.
Exterior painted three coats with brick on approach and sponged stone on reverse. Interior is preservative dipped.
We recommend that walls are stored undercover during the winter when not in use.
The above prices do not include pillars.

Each different wall height has a different number of bricks, enabling you to make many different heights with just one wall. Individual block heights are approximate.
 80cm wall  9 pieces comprising of:
2 @ 65cm
3 @ 7.5cm
4 @ 7.5cm coping
 90cm wall 9 pieces comprising of:
2 @ 65cm base
3 @ 17cm
4 @
7.5cm coping
 110cm wall14 pieces comprising of:
2 @ 77cm
3 @ 17cm
4 @ 7.5cm
5 @ 7.5cm coping
 135cm wall17 pieces comprising of:
2 @ 77cm base
3 @ 25cm
4 @ 17cm
3 @ 7.5cm
5 @
7.5cm coping

Choose your size 80cm x 3m - 9 piece
80cm x 3.6m - 9 piece
90cm x 3m - 9 piece
90cm x 3.6m - 9 piece
110cm x 3m - 14 piece
110cm x 3.6m - 14 piece
135cm x 3m - 17 piece
135cm x 3.6m - 17 piece

Finance optionsWe work with a third party Equestrian Finance Company, who can arrange finance packages for all our products.
Please contact us if you would like us to pass on your details to them.