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Safety Water Jump
Safety Water Jump specifiations
Safety Water Jump
Safety Water Jump specifiations

Safety Water Jump

  • £4,777.00

New safer design.
FEI specification.

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New safer Water jump 4m x 3m

  1. Reduced depth

In the past, most injuries occurred in water jumps that were simply too deep. When landing in deep water jumps horses quickly lose their footing, and horse and riders fall. This Safety water jump has a depth of only 7.5 cm. If a horse jumps into this flat water it will still remain safe on his legs in most of the cases.

  1. Improvement of landing area

Particularly critical for safety is the landing area, especially the area in front of the white plasticine. If a horse jumps too short the forward sliding hoof should never touch a stumbling point, i.e. a straight edge of the water jump. That?s why this water jump has rubber wedges on the two long sides. These are 30 cm long ramps that reduce the landing pressure with its flat slope and support a safe landing.

The water jump itself consists of two rubber mats in the bottom area, one 6 mm black solid rubber plate and one 6 mm UV resistant black rubber mat on top. The top mat is glued to the black rubber plate. But it is open towards ?long side? with enough room to cover the rubber wedges. Thus the rubber wedges lie under the top mat and are firmly fixed by this.

The rubber wedges also have another function. They are a little lower than the edge of the water jump and have a straight surface on the last 7 cm. The white plasticine that limits the water jump lies on this straight surface.

  1. Quick change of jumping direction

The water jump is provided with ramps on both sides. When changing jumping direction ? i.e. first competition jumping direction to the left and 2nd competition to the right ? only the plasticine and take-off element has to be taken to the other side. Nothing is faster.

  1. Fast and Easy Position Change on Show Ground

The safety water jump is bordered on the two long sides by two straight edges (we call these T-edges) while wave edges are attached to the two short sides. The reason is simple. If all the edges are straight the water jump cannot be rolled up. One would have to fold it for any rebuilding at a new location or to any warehousing in winter. On the long run this is not good for the T-edges, and it makes it difficult to move this bulky structure.

The lateral wave edge, however, allows to roll up the water jump like a carpet and thus it can be transported easily. Rebuilding during the horse show is made easy and fast.

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