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Mini & Midi Cross Country Fences

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Moundy Cross Country Fence

A solid all green curve topped cross country fence.
  • £119.00

Footbridge Cross Country Fence

A Mini footbridge cross country fence with half rounds both sides.
  • £113.00

Stripes Cross Country Fence

A candy stripe roll top cross country fence.
  • £135.00

Pony Shoe Cross Country Fence

A curved fence but not quite as big as a Horse shoe! Perfect for smaller Riders and Ponies.
  • £216.00

Feeder Cross Country Fence

Based on the popular full size Pheasant feeder cross country fence.
  • £143.00

Mouse House Cross Country Fence

Very cute! 30cm or 40cm high cross country fence.
  • £171.00

Tunnels Cross Country Fence

Design different on either side.
  • £153.00

Hedgehog Upright Cross Country Fence

A 30cm high brush filler cross country fence with an extra 15cm brush on top.
  • £164.00

Hedgehog Pyramid Cross Country Fence

The birch adds an extra 15cm on top of the height.
  • £169.00

Hedgehog Slope Cross Country Fence

Cross country fence ideal for little Steeplechase competitions.
  • £168.00
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