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NHS Rainbow Roll Over

We are donating £50 to the NHS for every one of the Rainbow Roll overs sold.
  • £435.00

Pencil Case

Heights from 70cm to 90cm with a length of 2m.
  • £280.00
  • WAS £285.00

4x4 with Horse Trailer

A fabulous jump looking at home on the Cross Country course. 2 heights, 2 designs all in 1 Jump.
  • £795.00
  • WAS £1,050.00

Tractor & Trailer

3 heights, 3 designs all in 1 Jump.
  • £1,056.00

Sloping Log Wall

A twist on the Classic Sloping Board wall. 80cm x 3m only at the sale price.
  • £220.00

Log Pyramid

60cm x 2.4m option 25% discount. Only one available at this price.
  • £250.00

Double Barrel

A double barrel fence, using oak barrels.
  • £755.00
  • WAS £889.00

Beach Huts

Everything you need in a XC fence. 2 designs in 1 and fully Height adjustable.
  • £799.00

Full size Vertical

Heights from 50cm - 90cm
  • £178.00

Dutch Barn

A strong and stable 2.4m fence with sloping sides.
  • £475.00


An upright fence.
  • £186.00

Fido's Kennel

Give a dog a home with our fun Fidos kennel fence.
  • £356.00
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