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Our range of Plastic birch filled Mobile cross country fences use birch blocks.
Commonly used in the racing industry it is strong, extremely durable and will not become brittle with age or wear and is proven to last at least 8 - 10 years, unlike natural birch that becomes brittle and breaks down with use and age and will require re stuffing or topping up every couple of years to keep brush fences looking their best. Because of this it makes a fantastic alternative in Cross Country fences for superior fences and increased longevity..

Unlike other cheaper plastic birch our birch blocks are Jockey Club approved.
Can be seen in use at : Newmarket Links, Malton Gallops and Middleham Gallops.

Plastic birch is no longer available separately

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PB Triple Skinny

Plastic Birch. Height adjustable.
  • £1,504.00

PB Upright

Introductory price. Height adjustable.
  • £1,540.00

PB Sloping

Introductory price. Height adjustable.
  • £1,602.00

PB Roll Top

Introductory price. Height adjustable.
  • £1,602.00

PB Log Pile

Introductory price. Height adjustable.
  • £1,479.00