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Safety Anchors
Used for Securing Mobile Cross Country Fences the low Profile of our Safety Anchors means they are specifically made for uses near animals and have the lowest and least hazardous top of any anchor available.
Do I need them?
All of our Mobile cross country fences are designed with a low centre of gravity keeping stability in mind. However we recommend that Anchors are used with all Mobile fences.
The Pony Club & British Eventing insist that all mobile fences need to be secured both for competition and training this is most commonly done with an Anchor. Insurance companies for Livery Yards and Equestrian centres will also expect mobiles to anchored as part of your Health and Safety policy

How do I use them?
To install : Screw the bracket onto the mobile cross country fence (comes fitted if ordered with your XC fence). Using a hammer, drive the anchor into the ground through the bracket hole.
To remove:  Unscrew anchor from the ground, using an adjustable spanner or 19mm spanner. The ground will be undisturbed, with no holes to fill. The brackets can be left fitted for next time.                                                               
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Anchor Brackets

Fix to fences for Safety Anchors. Bulk discounts available
  • £7.75

Safety Anchor

460mm Anchors for securing fences. Bulk discounts available
  • from £20.00

Long Safety Anchor

660mm Anchor for securing larger fences in light or sandy soil.
  • £24.00

Rubber Cover

Rubber cover to add an extra element of safety.
  • £5.00

Safety Anchor For Field Shelters

870mm Anchor suitable for securing Field Shelters.
  • £38.00

Removal Spanner

Purpose made removal spanner for safety anchor. Large adjustable spanner can also be used.
  • from £15.00

Bracket Fixings

Only required for DIY brackets.
  • from £13.95