Unlike Plastic our beautiful timber Showjumps and Cross Country fences are made from sustainable, renewable and environmentally friendly materials

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Ultimate Horseshoe

Our new amazing height adjustable Horseshoe.
  • £600.00
  • WAS £900.00

Skinny Barrel

A narrow jump using a real Oak Barrel. Sold as singles.
  • from £495.00

Wide Barrel

A wide single barrel fence, using an oak barrel with an extra wide base.
  • £590.00

Hanging Barrel

A single barrel fence, using an oak barrel which is suspended.
  • £495.00

Cheese Wedge

A quirky corner style fence. 80cm height discounted.
  • £295.00

Wedge Pimple

A narrow corner style fence. Sold as singles.
  • £193.00

Rio Skinny

Based on a fence used at the Rio Olympic's.
  • £369.00


1.2m length.
  • £285.00


A curved skinny, especially great when used in multiples.
  • £253.00

Humbug Barn

A striking 1.2m wide Skinny available in a variety of colour options and heights.
  • £320.00

Roll Top Pimple

Great for combinations. Sold as singles.
  • £121.00

Square Pimple

A solid skinny with the larger sizes being approachable from all 4 directions.
  • £209.00
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