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Square Pimple

A solid skinny with the larger sizes being approachable from all 4 directions.
  • £209.00

Candy Roll

A 1.5m wide skinny available in a variety of colour options.
  • £252.00

Arrow Head

A tricky lightweight skinny.
  • £154.00

Standard Arrow Hedge

A triple brush. Improved design.
  • £380.00

All Round Arrow Hedge

A striking competition quality triple brush.
  • £617.00

Full Birch Arrow Hedge

A solid birch arrow hedge. Full of tightly packed birch for good longevity.
  • £461.00

Curved Arrow Hedge

Curved Triple brush.
  • £528.00

Wishing Well - Height Adjustable

Height adjustable from 75cm - 110cm.
  • £454.00

Rabbit Warren Skinny

A super roll top fence, narrow at 1.2m with a wide base spread.
  • £275.00


An interesting square pimple.
  • £424.00

Roll Top Brush

Available in a variety of colours.
  • £336.00

Countryside Corner

Six corners from 80cm to 120cm high.
  • £618.00
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