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Height Adjustable Sail Boat

Our Sail boat with a height adjustable pole.
  • £526.00

Premium Bridge Jump

Ride over the bridge or jump over it a great competition fence.
  • £425.00
  • WAS £568.00


A removable foot ideal for Arena XC, where anchors cannot be used.
  • £26.00

Height Adjustable Horseshoe Log

Available in various lengths but stick to 2.4m for the best horseshoe shape.
  • from £665.00


Complete feature jump
  • from £635.00
  • WAS £795.00

Hunter Jump

Complete Jump.
  • £425.00
  • WAS £508.00

Humbug Barn

A striking 1.2m wide Skinny available in a variety of colour options and heights.
  • £320.00

Wishing Well - Height Adjustable

Height adjustable from 75cm - 110cm.
  • £454.00

Manor Gates

Height adjustable with a knock down pole and Safety cups.
  • £1,099.00

Height Adjustable Manger

A fully height adjustable fence from 75cm - 110cm.
  • £396.00
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