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Humbug Barn

A striking 1.2m wide Skinny available in a variety of colour options and heights.
  • £320.00

Railway Crossing

Coordinating items available.
  • £273.00

Fido's Kennel

Give a dog a home with our fun Fidos kennel fence.
  • £356.00

Grassy Roll Top

A 2.4m fence covered with artificial grass.
  • £374.00

Bolt Hole

New safer design with filled in hole. Available in a variety of colours.
  • £249.00

Candy Roll

Variety of colour options.
  • £252.00


A robust and sturdy design.
  • £343.00


Muliti height - Multi design.
  • £1,020.00

Hay Ho!

Add bales to provide height adjustability.
  • £509.00

Roll Top Brush

Available in a variety of colours.
  • £336.00

Height Adjustable Honey Pot

Each jump gives 2 heights
  • £475.00

Tug Boat

3 heights and 3 different fences.
  • £848.00
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