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Retainers hold the Event pole in place.
  • from £2.00

Flag Storage Box

Keep all your flags together with this handy storage box. Hold 30 flags.
  • £18.00

Course Markers

A range of Markers for your XC course.
  • £4.00

Replacement Bands

A pack of 10 replacement bands for course markers.
  • £4.00

Marker Storage Box

A storage box with slots for your markers.
  • £30.00


Flag only. Event poles and retainers required.
  • from £3.45

Small Recycled Heavy Base

To fit event poles and roping posts.
  • £16.00

Event poles

Event poles to use with flags.
  • from £9.00

Complete Showjump Flags

Includes everything you need to flag a single show jump.
  • £31.70

Free Standing Flags

Complete Flags sold in pairs with heavy bases.
  • £58.00

Flexi Course Markers

Soft course markers to fit directly to XC fences.
  • £2.95