Unlike Plastic our beautiful timber Showjumps and Cross Country fences are made from sustainable, renewable and environmentally friendly materials

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Mobile Cross Country New Designs

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Cheese Wedge

A quirky corner style fence.
  • £250.00

Skinny Barrel

A narrow jump using a real Barrel. Special introductory price.
  • £300.00

Premium Bridge Jump

Ride over the bridge or jump over it a great competition fence.
  • £425.00
  • WAS £568.00


2 Skinny's in 1 fence.
  • £385.00
  • WAS £495.00

Premium Upright Brush

Extra thick brush & increased stability.
  • £275.00
  • WAS £402.00

Wave Cross Country Fence

A gentle curved fence with a fun blue wave top, looks great when used in multiples.
  • £60.00
  • WAS £150.00

Pony Shoe Cross Country Fence

A curved fence but not quite as big as a Horse shoe! Perfect for smaller Riders and Ponies.
  • £216.00

Dutch Barn

A strong and stable 2.4m fence with sloping sides.
  • £475.00

Humbug Barn

A striking 1.2m wide Skinny available in a variety of colour options and heights.
  • £320.00

Full Birch Arrow Hedge

A solid birch arrow hedge. Full of tightly packed birch for good longevity.
  • £461.00


1.2m length.
  • £285.00


A curvy chair with a wider base compared to the traditional design.
  • £385.00
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