Unlike Plastic our beautiful timber Showjumps and Cross Country fences are made from sustainable, renewable and environmentally friendly materials

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Important News about Bending poles 
From November 2019 Bending poles will be a slightly different shape being less rounded on the corners. 
This has resulted in Bending pole attachments such as Multi pans, Hooks, Hoop & Net etc purchased before this date not fitting the new Bending poles.
Bending pole attachments purchased after November 2019 will fit both new and old Bending poles.

Round Socket Board

Bending pole attachment.
  • £15.00


Enamel Mug.
  • £6.00

Double Hook

Bending pole attachment.
  • £10.00

Rubber Rings

A pack of 9 rubber rings.
  • £10.00

Flag Race Flag

Flags for Flag race.
  • £8.00


Plastic fish.
  • £8.00

Uni Stick

Uni stick with hook or pin attachment.
  • £6.00

Tennis Balls

Packs of 5 Tennis balls.
  • £7.00

Ball Cone

Cone for Ball and cone race or Quoits.
  • £10.00

Stepping Stone

A single stepping stone.
  • £8.75

Castle Cone

A castle cone, turret and orb.
  • £30.00
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