Unlike Plastic our beautiful timber Showjumps and Cross Country fences are made from sustainable, renewable and environmentally friendly materials

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Our complete jumps are the ultimate in Showjump Sponsorship.
Fully branded with logos, company name and details on the wings and fillers.
Colour co-ordinated poles finish the look for a very professional statement fence, that adds a wow factor to the arena.

Each product will give details of what is included in the price, but of course feel free to contact us if you are looking for something different - no two sponsors requirements are the same but we hopes this gives you some guidance and a starting point.

As with all our sponsor fences mock ups are created for approval before placing your order.
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Sponsor Double 2

Sponsor double with 3prs wings, filler and poles.
  • £1,535.00

Sponsor Treble

Sponsor treble with 5prs wings, filler, planks and poles.
  • £2,485.00

Fort sponsor

An extra special jump
  • £1,371.00

Mini Puissance Sponsor

Sign writing on wall and Pillars
  • £1,476.00

Horseshoe Sponsor

Free Sign writing
  • £878.00
  • WAS £918.00

Show Sponsor

A striking complete jump
  • £1,273.00

Sponsor Set

Flexible set of 1 - 10 jumps
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