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Junior Tipping Wheelbarrow

Ideal for your little helper. Galvanised metal frame and solid puncture proof wheels. Delivers superior manoeuvrability and surprisingly lightweight in use. Dimensions: 1120 D x 590 W x 640 H Capacity: 125L
  • £220.00
  • WAS £228.00

Mini Tipping Wheelbarrow 125L

A smaller Tipping wheelbarrow ideal for Equestrian and Garden use. Dimensions: 1120 D x 590 W x 640 H Capacity: 125L Available in deep red only.
  • £235.00
  • WAS £240.00

Tipping Wheelbarrow 250L

250L capacity. Tough and durable but surprisingly lightweight in use, even with heavy loads. New colours.
  • £302.00

Tipping Wheelbarrow 400L

Tipping Wheelbarrow - Large Capacity: 0.40 m3. (400 Litres) Dimension: 1800 x 900 x 950 mm.
  • £595.00

Tipping Wheelbarrow 500L

Tipping Wheelbarrow Capacity: 500 Litres Dimension: 2190 x 1100 x 910 mm.
  • £605.00
  • WAS £630.00

Fixed Body Wheelbarrow

Easy-to-use fixed body barrow. Capacity: 250L Dimensions: 1800 x 865 x 720 mm.
  • £284.00

Fixed Body Swivel Wheelbarrow

Lightweight even with heavy loads, reducing physical strain. Capacity: 250L Dimensions: 1575 x 865 x 720mm Best used on level ground Available in green only.
  • £338.00

Slim line Feed Barrow

250L 4 wheel barrow. Dimensions: 1200 x 630 x 800mm 2 swivel wheels for optimum manoeuvrability Suitable for passageways in farm buildings Lids and a divider available separately. Best used on level ground. Available in green only.
  • £296.00

ATV Trailers

Available in 3 sizes 250L / 400L/ 500L Tipping trailers fitted with 2 pneumatic wheels, a galvanised chassis and an easy-to-use tipping mechanism. The heavy duty galvanised frame ensures the trailer is suited to harsh terrain.
  • £315.00