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Stable matting is better for your horse...

  • Protection from concrete - cushioned comfort and thermal insulation
  • Reduces occurrence of capped hocks and other injuries to your horse or pony
  • Fewer respiratory disorders from bedding
  • Less tendency to slip or become cast                                                                                                         
  • More time lying down means more vital deep sleep periods

...and better for you

  • Less time mucking out means more time to ride
  • Outlay costs typically recouped within 18 months through minimal bedding purchase and disposal
  • Mats can easily be lifted to clean underneath if required
  • Easy to fit

What is Equimat Stable Matting?

A unique interlocking non-porous rubber flooring system of rubber stable matting in a natural green colour.
Its Safe, cushioned comfort and thermal insulation for your horse; light and easy to manoeuvre for you.
To be used in looseboxes, stables, transporters and horse trailers - fits any area.
Non toxic, non absorbent, not affected by urine or concentrated disinfectants.
Sectional make-up means stable mats are both easy to fit and easy to lift for cleaning underneath.
Equimat stable matting withstands the wear and tear of normal shoeing and road studs, and will last for many years in normal use.
Made from strong, light, environmentally sound materials - EVA (ethyl-vinyl-acetate) and rubber.
There are two thicknesses of stable matting: Standard (20mm) for everyday stabling, Supersoft (28mm) for special needs, such as veterinary areas, foaling boxes, heavy horses, and in the treatment of arthritis, laminitis and similar conditions.
Each kit contains 6 individual mats which, when interlocked, make up 2 large mats which butt together in the centre of your stable. Additional individual locking mats are available and we are happy to quote for custom sizes.
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Equimat Stable flooring

A selection of complete stable kits and individual mats.
  • £475.00

Equimat Trailer Matting

Safer loading, unloading and travel for your horses and ponies; easy cleaning for you. 18mm thick, interlocking 1m x 1m sheets.
  • £54.00

Equimat Mesh Mat

Perforated rubber matting
  • £30.00