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All of the Showjumps below are in stock and ready to be dispatched.
Standard delivery on these items will be 5 working days
Speedy delivery will be 3 working days
If you need them even sooner please contact us so this can be arranged.
Please note that we only have the exact quantities, sizes and colours listed. If duplicate orders are placed online while we are closed we will always prioritise the earliest order and will contact you if the item is no longer available. If you order with other non stock items the whole delivery will be delayed.
Typically other made to order Showjumps take 2 - 6 weeks depending on the size of order and time of year. If you have a particular date that you need them by please contact us as we can usually accommodate this if we know at time of ordering.  

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Click each item and check carefully the lengths of fillers and poles available as these vary.

Barrel Cups

Barrel cups are sold in pairs.
  • £27.00
  • WAS £35.00

Sloping Wings in stock

1.7m high Club wings with keyhole tracking. Available in a selection of colours.
  • £174.00

Upright Wings in stock

1pr 1.7m high Club wings with keyhole tracking in red & white.
  • £182.00

Solid Hanging Fillers in stock

3 available in different designs. All are 45cm x 3m.
  • £163.00

Cotswold Filler in stock

45cm x 3m in stock. 2 Available.
  • £201.00

Arch Picket Filler in stock

Single filler 60cm
  • £76.00
  • WAS £79.00

Carrot Top Fillers in stock

1 set 3 Fun Carrots. 65cm high. Design same both sides.
  • £292.00

Double Arch Fillers in Stock

Set of 3 fillers 60cm high in a brick design.
  • £231.00

Sheep Fillers in stock

Available in cream & brown.
  • £246.00

Dog Fillers in stock

60cm high fillers in a Hound design.
  • £125.00

Timber Water Trays in stock

2 sizes available from stock
  • £100.00

Premium 5 Hoop 3m Poles in stock

Painted 3m poles in stock. 16 available, various colours.
  • £58.00
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