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Single Colour Poles

Available in a variety of lengths
  • £14.00

Reduced Poles

A selection of second grade poles
  • from £25.00
  • WAS £33.00

Triple Hoop Poles

Available in various lengths
  • £25.00

Standard Poles 2 Colour

Two colours. Various lengths.
  • £26.00

Standard Poles 3 Colour

5 Hoops. Three colours. Various lengths.
  • £27.00

Multiband Poles

Poles in various designs all with hoops of various sizes and colours.
  • £28.00

Rainbow Poles

Available in various lengths.
  • £36.00

Safari Poles

Animal print poles. Available in various lengths.
  • £31.00

Spotty Poles

Available in various lengths.
  • £26.00

Premium Spiral Poles

A premium grade candy twist pole. Available in various lengths.
  • £50.00

Premium Metallic Poles

3m Premium poles with Metallic Copper, Brass, Gold or Silver.
  • £75.00

Premium Card Poles

Premium poles with Card design.
  • £69.00
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