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To BHS Trec specification.
  • £296.00


A complete package.
  • £148.00

Trec Bending

Includes 6 of 2.25m bending poles.
  • £72.00
  • WAS £78.00


A Bridge built to BHS Trec specifications.
  • £232.00

Premium Bridge

Heavy duty with removable hand rails.
  • from £345.00

Water Tray

Add that extra spook to your Bridge.
  • £77.00

The Economy Gate

A free standing hinged triangular style gate with 2 side sections.
  • £295.00

The Gate

A free standing hinged gate.
  • from £399.00

Log Roll

A very popular fence.
  • £222.00


Pack of 4. To raise trot poles off the ground
  • £48.00

Led Corridor

The Led corridor is a narrow path made with poles on the ground it should be 8m long and 0.5m wide. Includes 4 Trec flags and 4 of 4m poles.
  • £120.00

Mounting From Block

Mounting using a bock within a marked area. Includes wooden mounting block to BHS Trec specifications.
  • £75.00