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Working Hunter Standing Fillers
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Hay Rack Fillers

A classic working hunter filler
  • £113.00

Box Fillers

60cm high in a variety of designs.
  • £121.00

Stepped Bridge Filler

Available with or without water tray.
  • £242.00

Duck Fillers

"Real ducks" 60cm high
  • £99.00

Rabbit Fillers

60cm high Rabbit fillers. The design is the same both sides.
  • £118.00

Triple Brush Set

A set of fillers to makes several fences for all abilities.
  • £305.00

Chair Fillers

A traditional filler available in a variety of colours.
  • £176.00

Grassy Roll Top Fillers

Uses quality artificial sport turf.
  • £267.00

Cotswold Wall Infill

60cm high. Sold in pairs.
  • £285.00

Log Wall Fillers

Available in a three heights. Special offer applies to 50cm in brown only.
  • £155.00

Board Fillers

Includes pattern.
  • £95.00
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