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How are they treated?
All Cross country fences are made from pressure treated timbers.
Where the jumps had been stained a different colour this is using a coloured preservative.

How many sections are the fences?
Skinnys 1.2m, 1.5m, 1.8m are all single sections
2.4m are sold as standard in single sections, however if you require two sections this will be charged at the same rate as the 3m option.
3m are sold as standard in two sections, however if you require single section this will be at the same price. 
3.6m are sold as standard in two sections, however if you require single section this will be at the same price. 
Single sections are heavier and therefore more stable, they are also more suited when using stakes or Spirafix for anchoring.
Two sections are easier to move, lift and store you also have the flexibility to use them as two skinnys.

Can I adjust the height?
Traditionally Cross Country are not height adjustable, however we do offer a range of Height adjustable fences, these include Bumper jumps, XC systems and Horseshoe log.

Can my fences live out all year round?
Yes. We do recommend you treat with a preservative every year to ensure the long life of your jumps. Although if you do not use the fences throughout the worst of the winter and you are able to store them inside this will prolong their life even further and will only require you to treat them every couple of years. Timber is a natural product that moves and cracks, however looked after properly there is no reason why they shouldn't last for many years.

Can I buy preservative from you?
No but exterior preservatives are readily available from all DIY stores. You really just need the same type of treatment you treat your fences or stables with.

Can I order a different size?
Yes, we can make to any size or specification just price as the next size up or of course call us if you are unsure.

I would like a design you do not have on the website, can you help me?
Yes we welcome new designs and ideas and will often give a discount on these.

What are Sides and Pillars used for?
These can add presence to a jump but also add extra width to Skinny's guiding you towards the fence, making them easier to jump.

Do I need Flags?
For 2.4m, 3m or 3.6m no you don't unless you are running a competition or public course. However we do recommend you always use flags for Skinny fence to help guide you and your horse towards the fence.

Safety Anchors. What are they and Do I need them?

Safety anchors are the Pony Club and British Eventing approved anchoring system for Mobile cross country fences.
All of our Mobile cross country fences are designed with a low centre of gravity keeping stability in mind. However The Pony Club now requires that all fences need to be secured both for competition and training. The quantity you require depends on the fence design and loaction, your course designer is best to advise you of this but of course we are always on hand to help. Click here for full details on Anchoring