Unlike Plastic our beautiful timber Showjumps and Cross Country fences are made from sustainable, renewable and environmentally friendly materials

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All of the items below are discounted. In some cases it will only be certain sizes so click into the product to find the best deal.

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Reduced Poles

A selection of second grade poles
  • from £27.00
  • WAS £36.00

Two Directional Wing

A cost effective single wing that can be used from either direction. Fitted with keyhole tracking.
  • £80.00
  • WAS £108.00

Reduced Arch Fillers with Cats Eyes

Lightweight easy to move fillers. 1pr available.
  • £110.00
  • WAS £150.00

Hanging Arch

A 2.4m long arched filler which can also be used as a Gate.
  • £135.00
  • WAS £151.00

Batwing Filler

W shaped filler.
  • £145.00
  • WAS £163.00

Union Jack Hanging Filler

An interesting alternative to a traditional hanging filler.
  • £155.00
  • WAS £176.00

Set of 3 Boulders

A set of Boulders fillers in mixed heights.
  • £156.00
  • WAS £195.00

Wavy Wings

Available with or without keyhole tracking.
  • £195.00
  • WAS £243.00

Design 1

Aluminium wings sold in pairs.
  • £402.00
  • WAS £407.00