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Showjump Walls
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Wall Infill

Wall infills are sold in pairs and used with poles as fillers.
  • £272.00

Cotswold Wall Infill

An attractive wall infill thats great for Showjumps or Working hunter. 60cm high. Sold in pairs.
  • £320.00

Rainbow Wall Infill

This colourful rainbow inspired pattern is the same on both sides of the wall filler. Sold in pairs.
  • £284.00

Viaduct Wall Infill

Light weight and easy to move around.
  • £246.00

Rainbow Dipping Wall Infill

Sold in pairs with rainbow design. to use as a filler under poles.
  • £294.00

Horseshoe Wall

An exciting shaped wall that looks great in any arena..
  • £685.00

Build A Wall

Choose your own bricks to make your perfect wall.
  • £367.00

Club Walls

Club wall are our most popular showjump wall and come in heights from 60cm through to 135cm.
  • £317.00

Premium Walls

Premium walls are heavy weight BS specification and come in heights from 80cm through to 135cm.
  • £666.00

Puissance Walls

Mini Puissance is 165cm and International Puissance 210cm.
  • £1,468.00

Wall Pillars

Sold in pairs.
  • £340.00

Castle Pillars

Sold in pairs.
  • £415.00
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