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From time to time to keep your jumps in tip top condition and looking their best you will need to touch up or repaint them.
We do not sell paints or stains ourselves but the following are details on the ones we use and tips we think you may find useful.


All our Showjumps are given three coats of paint Primer / Undercoat / Gloss. You may be able to get away with just a gloss coat when you repaint but if there are any bare patches of timber  where something has been knocked badly we advise that you use a primer first and undercoat if it is a large section.

Over the years we have used a variety of paint manufacturers, currently we use Albany and Johnstones. It doesn't really matter as long as you select good quality paint for exterior use. Many of our colours are British Standard which means if you are colour matching you can go to any decorators centre with a colour matching machine and get any brand of paint mixed to the same BS number. However with other colours such as orange / bright pink & navyetc we have swapped colours over the years and so can only advise of our current colours and manufacturers.

Colours are oil based.

Red BS 04 E 53

Burgundy  BS 04 D 45

Orange Macpherson Espana

Yellow BS 08 E 51

Bright Pink Johnstones Fizzy PInk

Blue BS 18 E 53.

Navy  Albany Indian Sky

Green BS14 E 53

Pale Blue BS 18 E 50

Brown BS 06 D 45

Dark Brown BS 06 C 39

Black BS00E53

Grey BS 10 A 03

Cream BS 08 C 31

White is water based
We used water based for white as this gives a brighter white that does not yellow over time. You can use any manufacturer but make sure it is of high quality and suitable for exterior use. We use Johnstones Aqua Gloss

From time to time we do use other colours usually as requested by customers but we do not have exact details of these.

Any sign writing is done with specialist paints please contact us for further details.

Working Hunter & Mobile Cross Country

We use a variety of preservative water based stains for treating and colouring Working Hunter and Mobile Cross Country fences. Many are purchased in 25L from trade manufacturers so not really suitable for touching up or re staining just a few fences at home. With these types of jumps colour matching isn't so important and as such we recommend that you purchase Shades or Brown and green from the "Shed and Fence" section of your local DIY store. However if you are touching up some of our more colourful fences these are often stained with Cuprinol shades again available at your local DIY store or online.

Remember the more effort you put into repainting your jumps the longer the finish will last and the better it will look. So brush of the dirt give them a good clean and for painted items a light sanding.
Keeping jumps under cover through the worst of the weather when not in use will prolong their life and condition.