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  Showjump Planks & Ladders
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Hickstead Style Planks

Classic style planks with your own name.
  • £118.00

Club Planks

Club planks are great for training. A variety of lengths available from 1.8m to 3.6m
  • £62.00

Standard Planks

BSJA specification. A variety of lengths available.
  • £71.00

Wavy Planks

Wiggly planks. A variety of lengths available.
  • £101.00

Half Planks

Very lightweight & popular for competition
  • £48.00

Dipping Planks

1.8m Dipping planks.
  • £79.00
  • WAS £87.00

Skinny Wavy Planks

Narrow planks at 1.2m & 1.8m long
  • £64.00

Sponsor Planks

Sponsor planks are so popular for names and websites. With the full range of colours and font styles they always look unique.
  • £108.00


Ladders are very useful fillers for all abilities and jump types.
  • £119.00

Diagonal Ladder

Available in a variety of lengths.
  • £136.00

Display Ladder

Add some interest to your ladders with pattern panels. Available in a variety of sizes.
  • £145.00

Noughts and Crosses Ladder

This is a fun showjump ladder that is great for clubs and competition.
  • £130.00
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