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How are they treated?

All planed items such as Wings, Board & Picket fillers, Hanging fillers, Ladders, Planks and Gates are dipped in a brown preservative.
All of the more rustic items such as Brush & Log fillers, Tiger traps, Chairs, Log walls, Derby rails and poles are made from pressure treated timber.
Other items such as Barns and Character fillers are painted with three coats of paint plus a pattern.

Is the price for wings each or per pair?
Per pair.

Are wing feet detachable?
Yes. This makes them easier to store. They are simple to fit but an instruction sheet can be emailed or included with your delivery if required.

Can my Working Hunter fences live out all year round?
We recommend that WH fences are stored inside through the worst of the winter, if you are not using them. If this is not possible its advisable to cover them with plastic sheeting. If you use your jumps all year round make sure poles and hanging items are not left  on the ground when not in use and treat with a preservative every couple of years to ensure the long life of your jumps.

Can I buy preservative from you?
No but exterior preservatives are readily available from all DIY stores. You really just need the same type of treatment you treat your fences or stables with.

Can I order a different size?
Yes, we can make to any size or specification just price as the next size up or of course call us if you are unsure.

Do complete jumps include cups?

What is the difference between BSJA wings and Club wings?
BSJA have ex 100mm x 65mm uprights and are fitted with FEI plastic tracking, Club wings use 100mm x 50mm uprights and are drilled to take cups with pins.

Can I fit FEI tracking to my existing wings?
Yes if your wing uprights are at least 57mm thick.