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  A selection of products to help you from the ground upwards.
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Square Trot Poles

Fed up with your trot poles rolling away?
  • £47.00


Cavaletti are great tool for you flatwork. Use for gridwork or raised trot poles.
  • £62.00

Flip Over Stands

Little jump stands giving 2 heights of 45cm & 60cm without the need for cups.
  • £73.00

Flip over Cross Pole

A complete height adjustable cross pole jump.
  • £153.00

Flip over Spread

A complete spread jump.
  • £227.00

Complete Jump 2

A complete cross pole jump.
  • £142.00

3 Jump Grid Set

Uses traditional drilled stands. Lightweight and easy to move.
  • £642.00
  • WAS £656.00