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All of the items below are discounted. In some cases it will only be certain sizes so click into the product to find the best deal.

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Toadstool Fillers

Set of 3 includes discount
  • £81.00

Not Quite so Arrow Head Filler

A versatile skinny filler that is not quite as challenging as our traditional Arrow Head but still extremely flexible is its uses.
  • £90.00
  • WAS £95.00

Black Hole Filler

This filler is the perfect illusion, looking much narrower than it really is. Perfect for practising Skinny's. Heavyweight, and bold design.
  • £175.00

Dish Filler

A hanging dished log style filler. Heavyweight, and colourful.
  • £229.00
  • WAS £270.00

Black Hole - Complete Jump

The complete jump.
  • £325.00
  • WAS £351.00

Height Adjustable Busy Bee

A super cute complete jump.
  • £485.00
  • WAS £510.00


Complete jump.
  • £504.00
  • WAS £609.00