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Pole types

There are now several different poles types available, to help you choose we have listed them below with a brief description:

Regular poles Heartwood

Predominantly used in throughout the Showjumping industry.
Made from Heartwood timber they are suitable for training and unaffiliated or affiliated competition.
Regular poles that are not painted will split in hot or dry weather.
Unless you select either Reduced second grade or Premium poles you will be sent these regular poles.

100mm diameter
Machine Rounded
Pressure treated
Available in lengths from 1.2m to 3m (3.6m no longer available)

Premium poles

We are the only Showjump company in the UK selling these higher grade poles.
Premium poles are our highest quality round Show jumping poles and for those who are looking for the best, whether this is for competition or training. Premium pole
95mm diameter
Machine Rounded
Available in 3m & 3.6m lengths (shorter lengths are available but will be charged at the 3m price)
What makes them better than our regular poles?
Made from Quarter cut timber which is the wood surrounding the tree's centre and has less tension.
Kiln dried which lowers the moisture content of the timber at a controlled level to 28% giving you a far superior product.
As a result poles:
Almost never crack or split
Maintain their shape better
Have a smoother surface for a premium painted finish.
Increased straightness
Pressure treated

Second grade poles

Reduced second grade poles

These are our regular poles but they have weather splits that occurred before painting, machine track marks or increased bends.
Only selected colours and sizes as available from stock. Click here to visit our Reduced poles

Hardwood Hexagonal polesHardwood Hexagonal pole

Machined from Sapele hardwood.
They have no knots and so breakages are very rare and hardwood is much slower to degrade than softwood.
The shape means they are more stable in the cup so are great when used for training.
Can be used as a top pole with cheaper round poles underneath.
70mm & 100mm diameter
Available in 2.4m & 3m lengths Click here to visit Hexagonal poles

Woodland poles

A hardwood Chestnut pole with the bark peeled off.
The nature of this product means the diameter varies between 85mm to 125mm on each pole and is not straight.
Perfect for Working Hunter and Knock down Cross country fences giving a very natural woodland look to the jump. Not suitable for painting.
Heavier than our machine rounded rustic poles.
Grown in the UK, Chestnut wood is hard, strong and rich in tannin's which make it very durable and requires no additional preservative.
Available in 1.8m & 2.4m lengths. Click here to visit Woodland poles

Square Trot poles

Heavy 100mm x 100mm square poles, so they wont roll away when used on the ground.
Pressure treated
Available in 2.4m & 3m lengths Click here to visit Trot poles

All poles available are selected by Countryside Equestrian as suitable for training and competition. Timber is a natural product and as such we cannot guarantee that each pole will be 100% straight.</