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Arena Eventing
An indoor or arena based form of eventing.

The first phase is Dressage the second phase is Showjumping and the final is over cross country style fences which can include knock down fences.The aim of our selected range of Arena XC fences is to give variety and interest to the competitor, but also providing the organiser with fences that are arena friendly, most of which are height adjustable reducing the need to move fences in between classes.

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Adjustable Corner Brush

Complete corner jump.
  • £575.00
  • WAS £670.00

Ultimate Horseshoe

Our new amazing height adjustable Horseshoe. 60cm fixed centre height. With Pole adjusting to the full height of the jump. Perfect for all abilities and a real show stopper.
  • £1,115.00

Jumping Bridge

Ride over and jump over. A great competition fence.
  • £555.00

Adjustable Flyover

A chunky and robust complete sloping jump.
  • £912.00

Beach Huts

Everything you need in a XC fence. 2 designs in 1 and fully Height adjustable.
  • £895.00

Height Adjustable Double Barrel

A 2m wide jump using real Oak Barrels. Height adjustable from 70cm to 120cm with a knock down pole.
  • £1,045.00

Height Adjustable Sail Boat

Our Sail boat with a height adjustable pole.
  • £590.00


A removable foot ideal for Arena XC, where anchors cannot be used.
  • £30.00

Jumbo Arena XC System Ladder Jump

A fully height adjustable jump from 20cm to 110cm. Fitted with skids making it ready for Arena XC.
  • £992.00

Box Jump

Complete Oxer Jump.
  • £576.00
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