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Inter-Hunt Relay

All of the fences below are complete jumps and of course for Inter-Hunt Relay competitions you will need two of everything so a discount is included when buying doubles to help you out.

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Jumping Bridge

Ride over and jump over. A great competition fence.
  • £555.00

Working Equitation Bridge

Heavy duty curved bridge with removable hand rails available in 2.4m and 4m options.
  • £516.00

Pretty Bridge

Complete Oxer Jump.
  • from £521.00

Woodland Gate

A complete jump.
  • from £532.00

Height Adjustable Horseshoe Log

Available in various lengths but stick to 2.4m for the best horseshoe shape.
  • from £745.00

Premium Bridge

Heavy duty with removable hand rails. New improved design.
  • £426.00

Double Gate Jump

A complete jump.
  • from £678.00

Sloping Board Wall

Improved design.
  • £261.00

Its A Roll Over

A complete narrow jump.
  • from £376.00


A complete jump.
  • from £336.00


Complete feature jump
  • from £801.00

The 5 bar Gate

A 1.2m or 1.5m free standing 5 bar gate with 2 sides.Perfect for Trec or Working Equitation. Signage available separately.
  • £537.00
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