Unlike Plastic our beautiful timber Showjumps and Cross Country fences are made from sustainable, renewable and environmentally friendly materials

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Showjump Poles
Choose from a range of pole types, lengths and designs from the traditional to the unusual.
You should find something to suit every budget including Reduced second grade through to our  Premium round and Hardwood Hexagonal Poles.
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Single Colour Poles

Available in a variety of lengths
  • £14.00

Reduced Poles

A selection of second grade poles
  • from £25.00
  • WAS £33.00

Triple Hoop Poles

Available in various lengths
  • £25.00

Standard Poles 2 Colour

Two colours. Various lengths.
  • £26.00

Standard Poles 3 Colour

5 Hoops. Three colours. Various lengths.
  • £27.00

Multiband Poles

Poles in various designs all with hoops of various sizes and colours.
  • £28.00

Rainbow Poles

Available in various lengths.
  • £36.00

Safari Poles

Animal print poles. Available in various lengths.
  • £31.00

Premium Spotty Poles

Available in various lengths.
  • £40.00

Premium Spiral Poles

A premium grade candy twist pole. Available in various lengths.
  • £50.00

Premium Metallic Poles

3m Premium poles with Metallic Copper, Brass, Gold or Silver.
  • £75.00

Premium Card Poles

Premium poles with Card design.
  • £69.00
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