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Boat complete with a 4 sections in place
Boat complete with a 4 sections in place
Boat complete with a 4 sections in place
Boat complete with a 4 sections in place


  • £1,143.00

Muliti height - Multi design.

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The Boat Cross Country fence would not look out of place on some of the finest courses in the country.
A strong and solid heavy weight fence. Like all our fences it is made from pressure treated timbers, the Boat is then finished with red & white preservative stains.
If you are using Anchors, 4 is the minimum required.

Length & Spread

The body of the boat gives a 2.4m jumping length this is shown between the flags the full length from end to end is approx 3.9m overall.
The spread is either 75cm for fences that start at 60cm high and 90cm for fences that start at 70cm or 80cm high.

Height Adjustability & Fence Variety
The Jump can be used in 7 different ways. All the below are picture of a single fence used in a variety of ways.

All 4 parts of the boat together (left & main picture) gives you the highest jumping height. A spectacular fence.

2. Simply remove the roof, exposing the solid deck area to give the lower height (below).

3 & 4
Just using the centre 2.4m long section, either with (left) or without (right) the roof, gives you a simple fence and leaves the ends to create a separate Skinny fence, see 5 & 6.

5. The two ends can be bolted together in a bow tie shape with a raised centre (below left) to make an in between height 1.5m long Skinny.
6. The two ends can also be bolted the other way in a diamond shape (below right) this gives a lower height but tricky dipped 1.5m long skinny.
Additional anchors will be required to use the ends seperatley like this.

7.  The roof can also be used on its own (below) to make a wide and very low fence.

All Sections included
The body of the boat is one single section at 2.4m long. Please note that this is a heavy section (approx 125kg) and as such we recommend 4 strong people to move it. Hand holes included.
The arched top is a separate removable section, hand holes included. (approx 55kg) as are the two ends, these can be moved with just 2 people.
The ends (approx 34kg each) add approx 1.5m giving an overall length of around 3.9m.
Flags not included.

Choose your heights 60cm to 75cm
60cm to 80cm
70cm to 85cm
70cm to 90cm
80cm to 95cm
80cm to 100cm

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