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Build a wall base 60cm high
Build a wall
Build a wall base 60cm high
Build a wall

Build A Wall

  • £367.00

Choose your own bricks to make your perfect wall.

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Due to popular demand we have introduced our new 3m long DIY tailor made wall, so you can pick and choose your bricks to suit you exact height requirements.

How do I?
  1. Choose your base level first. The base is in 2 sections giving 3m overall length and with a slightly wider bottom for stability.
  2. Select your bricks, you can have as many rows as you like to get your desired height options. Each row of bricks comes in either 3 or 4 sections.
  3. Don't forget to finish off with a row of coping which consists of 5 easy knock down sections.

To keep the wall as safe and stable as possible all joints between layers will be staggered.
When selecting the brick layers remember that the higher bricks should be lower than the shorter bricks and remember to finish off with your coping which is easy to knock down and the smaller sections are less of a hazzard.

All our walls come complete with a pattern on both sides. Select the colour for the approach from the drop down above.
The reverse pattern  is a sponged stone effect as shown right, regardless of the design selected for approach.
As the wall can be put together in any order it is not possible to design the brick pattern to work in every combination, however we will make it as flexible as possible for your individual wall.
Coping is plain white.

Choose your section Base 60cm
Base 70cm
Bricks - 25cm / 3 piece
Bricks - 20cm / 3 piece
Bricks - 15cm / 4 piece
Bricks - 10cm / 4 piece
Bricks - 7.5cm / 3 piece
Coping 10cm
Coping 7.5cm

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