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BSJA show set

BSJA Suggested Show Set

An affiliated set suggested by the BSJA Includes a wall. 1.7m high BSJA wings, 3m lengths and patterns both sides.

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A large affiliated set and one of only two we offer complete with a wall. Includes 100 pieces of equipment.
Designed for large show and equestrian centres.
Please refer to list below for contents rather than the above picture which due to the size of this set is a sample image.
25prs Wings (25prs sloping - 3prs rustic), 4 Standard planks, 2 of 30cm Ladders, 45cm Ladder, 2 of 45cm Solid hanging fillers,
2prs 60cm Board fillers,1pr Small wall infills, 1pr Viaduct wall infills,1pr 60cm Log fillers, 1pr 60cm Brush fillers,
90cm, 110cm & 120cm BSJA spec gates, 1.35m - 17 piece BSJA spec wall, 1pr 1.8m PIllars,
54 Poles (30 standard, 10 single colour, 10 rustic, 4 x 2.4m triple hoop),
6prs FEI safety cups and 60prs FEI vario cups. 1 set complete summit markers.
Each set is available in a variety of options, showing the height of the wings, specification of the wings and the lengths of the poles, although some sets will include a narrow jump and this will be shown in the contents. BSJA spec options come fully fitted with plastic keyhole tracking to take the FEI safety and vario cups. Metal keyhole tracking is also available as an alternative, please contact us for a quote.
All items are available individually.
Colours and Patterns
All fillers and planks and some wings include a pattern on one side to make you set even more versatile you can select to have a pattern on both sides, this will often be a different design but in the same colours so it will still coordinate with the wings and poles. Colours can be as shown or you can choose your own and we will contact you to discuss this.
Set info
All sets use our 100mm diameter pressure treated poles and wings with preservative dipped detachable feet. Painted items are given three coats of exterior paint plus a pattern where applicable. Rustic items where included are either pressure treated or preservative dipped. Cups are either flat for fillers or round for poles to suit. FEI cups give both flat and round in one by simply turning upside down.
For a delivery price on this set please contact us with your postcode.

Choose your option 1.7m BSJA wings - 3m
Patterns Both sides

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