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Birch stuffing

Natural Birch

  • £130.00

To replace old birch in your existing fences.

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Our birch is sourced from our local forestry commision woodlands on the suffolk coast.
"The birch collected by Countryside Equestrian is from a site of special scientific interest and this assists the conservation of heathland which is a rare habitat in this country"

Are you old brush fences getting a bit thin?
We supply birch bundles for you to top up as required.
Please note when buying brush fences new these come complete with birch.

Small -  to fill a 1.2m wide fence
Medium -  to fill a 2.4m wide fence
Large -  to fill a 3m wide fence

Based on 12cm thickness

Because of the nature of the product the quanities are approximate, if you have very thick sections to fill you will require more. Birch is supplied in long lengths from 1.8m - 2.4m for you to cut as required.
The lower down the branch the thicker the stem becomes and so this may need to be discarded for smaller fences.
You will need.
Tree pruners for larger stems, strong shears or Electric hedge trimmer for triming the tops and making the sides neat, a rope is also useful to squeezes the birch tight in the frame giving a dense and professional finish.

Quantity Small

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