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Bending poles are 1.5m long and 30mm sq. and are best sellers. This is because they are featured in so many games and a variety of attachments are available.

Save money and buy as a complete kit, see below.

These bending poles have a higher impact break point than the wooden bending poles and, more importantly, when they do break they do not shear causing a sharp point that could damage a child or pony, instead they tend to buckle.

Portability and Storage
The Plastic Bending Poles are supplied with a plastic safety base which makes handling easy.

As with all our games there is no Painting, just wipe clean or occasionally use a PVC cleaner.

Since November 2019 Bending poles are a slightly different shape being less rounded on the corners. 
This has resulted in Bending pole attachments such as Multi pans, Hooks, Hoop & Net etc purchased before this date not fitting the new Bending poles. Bending pole attachments purchased after November 2019 will fit both new and old Bending poles.

Finance optionsWe work with a third party Equestrian Finance Company, who can arrange finance packages for all our products.
Please contact us if you would like us to pass on your details to them.