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Complete Sponsor Treble

Sponsor Treble

  • £2,784.00

Sponsor treble with 5prs wings, filler, planks and poles.

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A fully Branded jump, that can be used as:
  • Treble as shown
  • 3 Individual sponsor uprights
  • Double & Oxer
  • Single upright and an 2 Oxer's
  • Small course of 5 uprights

Sign writing and logos throughout, giving a united look that will stand out against other jumps in the arena.
The complete jump package means it is much easier to put together a sponsor jump and sell to local companies in support of your organisation.

3prs Kings wings, 2pr Upright wings with finials, 1 of 50cm Solid hanging filler, 2 Standard planks, 9 Standard poles, 2prs Safety cups, 10prs Vario cups


Sponsor jumps need to be as versatile as possible, so the course builders can use them in as many classes as possible getting the best possible advertising.
  • Branding the wings means that even in smaller classes where the filler may not be used, you are still getting a presence in the arena
  • Jumps are often photographed from the back as the horse jumps over, choosing to have sign writing on reverse means that you will not miss out on this promotion opportunity.
We will work closely with the sponsor company to produce the best design  including providing mock ups of the complete jump.


We will match your colours as closely as possible from our standard range. This is usually sufficient but we can offer a colour matching service, where a scan of your colour is put through a paint mixing machine for a closer match at an additional cost of £30 per colour

If you are unsure as to what you would like, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss through your ideas.

Choose your option 1.7m Club track fitted wings - 3m
1.8m BSJA track fitted wings - 3.6m

Finance optionsWe work with a third party Equestrian Finance Company, who can arrange finance packages for all our products.
Please contact us if you would like us to pass on your details to them.