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Waterways end on
Waterways as 2 jumps
Waterways River sections
Waterways Boat Hut
Waterways end on
Waterways as 2 jumps
Waterways River sections
Waterways Boat Hut


  • £1,471.00

3 heights with 12 fence positions.

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Our Waterway jump is a real Statement fence for any XC course, with a variety of different shapes and textures recreating a riverside scene.
With a variety of 2 or 3 different height options, the Waterways gives you something to suit most abilities all in one fence, making it ideal for Cross Country "Rides" as well as competition and training.
The design allows itself to be used in so many different combinations always giving your competitors something new and fresh, check out the photos above for a few suggestions:
  • River curves either side of the Boat hut
  • 3 separate skinny's
  • River curves butted together to make a longer "River" in either a dipped / curved or S bend approach
  • River curves to one side of the Boat shed

Bold natural colours and textures with a strong and robust construction.
All three sections can be jumped from either direction and are clad with the same design all the way round.

Heights - choose 2 or 3 height options from the drop down menu above
Boat hut is the tallest
Curving river sections can be the same height (so when butted together they make one longer level fence) or choose different heights to cover a greater range of abilities.  

The spread of each section is 10cm wider than the height. For example:
If you select heights 45cm, 60cm & 90cm the spreads will be 55cm, 70cm & 100cm.


Boat hut is 1.2m
Curving river sections 2m each

Please note price does not include Duck characters, these can be selected from below.

Construction & Specification
Made from solid timbers.
All our Cross Country fences are made from pressure treated timbers for longer life with the use of coloured stains and preservatives where applicable. We recommend treating with an external preservative every couple of years thereafter to keep your fence in the best condition.
Made with feet to allow the easy use of forks for moving.

Choose your heights 45cm, 60cm & 90cm
45cm, 70cm & 100cm
60cm, 70cm & 100cm
60cm, 80cm & 110cm
70cm, 80cm & 110cm
60cm & 90cm
70cm & 100cm
80cm & 110cm

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Please contact us if you would like us to pass on your details to them.