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PB Sloping

  • £1,602.00

Introductory price. Height adjustable.

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Be the first to buy at this fantastic opening offer price (before photographed). 1 available at this price only.
Please feel free to contact us for further details if required.Plastic birch block

This new collection of height adjustable fences are made from pressure treated timber frames in the traditional way but stuffed with plastic birch blocks.
Fully clad all round to hide the base of the birch blocks.
Choose dark brown frames for a professional unified looks or contrast with green or natural rustic frames.

Plastic Birch Blocks
Commonly used in the racing industry Plastic Birch is strong, extremely durable and will not become brittle with age or wear and is proven to last at least 8 - 10 years.
Unlike natural birch that becomes brittle and breaks down with use and age and will require re stuffing or topping up every couple of years to keep brush fences looking their best. Because of this plastic birch makes a fantastic alternative in Cross Country fences for superior fences and increased longevity.
Dark green birch blocks are available on request.

Height & Spread Adjustable
The measurements in the above drop down are the size of the frame the birch adds approx 20cm to this and increases to the maximum size given. Please note as this is a sloping fence the height will not increase by the same as the spread.
The birch blocks are fully removable from the frame. They are lightweight and easy to lift.
  1. Simply lift the blocks out of the frame
  2. Insert a timber riser
  3. Replace the birch blocks

As long as you keep within the suggested size range the block bases will always be hidden and protected inside the frame, just leaving increased lengths of birch sticking out the top as desired.

We recommend turning the blocks every now and again to keep the birch nice and straight.

Length & Sections    
The lengths are slightly irregular due to to the size of the birch blocks which are accommodated within the framework.
All our plastic birch fences are single section.

All our Mobile Cross Country fences are covered by an extended five year guarantee. Please refer to the information pages of our website.

Construction & Specification
All our Cross Country fences are made from pressure treated timbers for longer life. We recommend treating with an external preservative every couple of years thereafter.
All are constructed to stand just above the ground to allow the use of Fork lifts although they can be carried short distances with two or three people.
A full specification for each design is available on request. All framing is bolted and screwed.

Choose your length 2.2m
Choose your size - Height x Spread 60cm x 90cm adjustable to 105cm
80cm x 110cm adjustable to 125cm
90cm x 120cm adjustable to 135cm
70cm x 100cm adjustable to 115cm

Finance optionsWe work with a third party Equestrian Finance Company, who can arrange finance packages for all our products.
Please contact us if you would like us to pass on your details to them.