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Wall Shoes
Wall Shoes
Wall Shoes
Wall Shoes
Wall Shoes
Wall Shoes

Set of 8 Wall Shoes

  • £96.00

A set of 8 Steel shoes to protect Wall feet

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Steel Wall shoes are screwed onto the inside of the wall legs to raise the foot off the ground, therefore helping to protect it from moisture and prolonging the life of you wall bases.
Despite being treated and painted Wall feet usually sit directly onto the ground with the end grain of the timber which is the most vunerable cut to absorbing moisture and rot. By raising it off the ground just 10mm with Wall shoes you avoid this .
The Shoes are very slightly smaller than the feet with rounded edges so even in the event of a collision with the wall base rolling over the shoes should give no greater danger than the wall feet themselves.

Wall shoes add to the height of our wall approx 15mm.

Sold as a set of 8 - which is enough for a Wall with 2 base sections or 1pr PIllars
You will need 2 sets for a Wall with PIllars.

Will come fitted if ordered with Walls.

How many? Single

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