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Rubber cover to give extra protection when the anchor is in the ground.

Rubber Cover

  • £5.00

Rubber cover to add an extra element of safety.

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Used for Securing Mobile Cross Country Fences the low Profile of our Safety Anchors means they are specifically made for uses near animals and have the lowest and least hazardous top of any anchor available.
The bracket is powder coated and suits all sizes of Safety Anchors.

Do I need them?
All of our Mobile cross country fences are designed with a low centre of gravity keeping stability in mind. However The Pony Club & British Eventing now recommend that all mobile fences need to be secured both for competition and training this is most commonly done with an Anchor.
They do increase safety by securing the fence and stopping it moving in a collision but if you are purchasing for your personal use and want to keep costs down please feel free to contact us and we can discuss your individual requirements as the risk varies according to the size and design of your fences.

The rubber cover is completely optional but does add an additional element of safety.

Construction & Guarantee
The main body of the anchor is from 1 piece of steel, this means the part receiving the hammer blows and the thread are one single piece, they are not joined afterwards, therefore the chance of the head breaking off is practically zero and we even offer a 5 year guarantee against it.

How do I use them?
To install: (left) Screw the bracket onto the mobile cross country fence. Using a hammer, drive the anchor into the ground through the bracket hole.

To remove: (right) Unscrew anchor from the ground, using an adjustable spanner or 19mm spanner. The ground will be undisturbed, with no holes to fill. The brackets can be left fitted for next time.

How many do I need?
This depends partly on the style of jump, as a general rule single piece fences with a reasonable base width can be fitted with two anchors at the side towards the front only as they have a low centre of gravity i.e Log cabin or Log roll
Those of a lighter construction, such as Tiger trap or with a higher centre of gravity such as the Viaduct may require two anchors at the side towards the front and another one or  two towards the back.
With fences that are going to be jumped from each side you require 2 anchors on each side, four in total. 
With the XC system we recommend 3 anchors fitted to each pillar or supporting fence.

My Cross country fence is in two sections?
Many mobile cross country fences are in two sections to make them lighter to move and easier to store if necessary. Before using Safety anchors you need to bolt both sections together effectively making the jump one single piece, then secure with two anchors at the side towards the front and if required another two towards the back. 
If in any doubt as to how to anchor a fence, take advice from an experienced course builder or British Eventing technical advisor. 

Which Length do I need?
The shorter length is suitable for most applications in stony or clay soil, the longer length is required on slopes or light sandy soil.

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