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XC system set 6

XC System Set 6

  • £2,425.00

6 fences. Allowing you to create heights from 30cm through to 90cm.

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XC system set 6

Set 6 includes:

As shown above we have included extra poles with this set for greater height adjustability. You will able to make heights from 30cm through to 90cm making it a very versatile set thats great for all abilities. With so much equipment you can build other layouts too making it perfect for creating technical routes.
Brackets are shown but need to be purchased separately.

Fixed height

3 Log pillars
75cm x 2.4m Log wall
75cm x 2.4m Pheasant feeder

Height adjustable

45cm x 3m Wagon wheel
45cm x 3m Brush infill
30cm x 2.4m Ladder infill
2 x 3m Planks
2 x 3m Poles
1 x 2.4m Pole

What are the benefits of the XC system?
The usual advantages of Mobile cross country plus:
Height adjustable from 30cm to 90cm
Mix and match easy to move infills to create new fences
Ideal for combinations and technical sections
Like a traditional cross country fence, not collapsible like a Showjump

How it works
1. You have a box at each end of the fence, this can be fitted to a Pillar or Mobile cross country fence.
2. You then simply drop into these boxes an infill
3. Add and grow the more boxes you have the more versatile your set becomes.

"A really practical cross country range. Its great to have several fences in one and at adjustable heights therefore suiting both young and experienced horses"
Lucy Henson

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