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Sail Boat

A fun Narrow fence. Use with or without the sail section.
  • £373.00

Snow Pimple

A chunky fence with a wide base spread.
  • £265.00


A wow factor Semi circle design.
  • £810.00

Skinny Rail Combination

Priced for a 2 jump combination.
  • £605.00


An interesting two shape skinny
  • £424.00

Skinny D

A tricky skinny.
  • £250.00

Hill - Height Adjustable

A fully height adjustable fence.
  • £502.00

Height Adjustable Manger

A fully height adjustable fence from 75cm - 110cm.
  • £396.00

Horseshoe Brush

A Horseshoe fence 2.1m in length.
  • £259.00

Budget Manor Gates

Different design on both sides.
  • £378.00

Pig Pen

A Skinny with a wide spread.
  • £358.00

Boat Hut

A colourful narrow 1.2m fence.
  • £341.00
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