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Grandprix Complete Jumps

All of the following are available on 1.7m high Club wings or 1.8m BSJA wings.
Increasingly we are asked for affiliated jumps with 3m length poles, so we have priced this as an option. However should you want 3.6m length poles this are of course available too. Please contact us for a price. 

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Wall to Wall

A complete wall to wall filler jump, that enables you to use poles but still keep a true wall look.
  • £1,300.00


A complete Upright or Oxer. One of our most popular Grandprix showjumps.
  • £690.00

Criss Cross

Complete upright jump.
  • £756.00


Complete upright jump.
  • £799.00

Wall Of Poles

A complete "wall" of white poles.
  • £623.00


A complete rustic Upright or Oxer.
  • £519.00


Complete upright jump.
  • £817.00

Lauras Golden Lattice

A complete Upright or Oxer.
  • £993.00

Noughts & Crosses

A complete Upright or Oxer.
  • £629.00

Royal Gate

Complete gate jump.
  • £558.00


Complete jump available as an upright or oxer.
  • £731.00

Grand Prix Double

Complete Double
  • £1,805.00
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